Connect your Shopify's store visitors and data for better attribution tracking.

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Integrating Visitor Edge with your Shopify platform enhances your ability to meticulously track and attribute customer actions and events. This powerful connection allows for the comprehensive collection, processing, and analysis of customer behavior data, enabling the creation of highly personalized and engaging experiences in your e-commerce store. With this deeper insight, you're equipped to tailor your approach, ensuring every marketing effort and product recommendation is precisely aligned with consumer interests, ultimately driving better informed strategic decisions.

Setting it up with Visitor Edge:

  • Sign up for a Visitor Edge account
  • Create your Edge Tag
  • Connect your Shopify live domain to your Edge Tag
  • Start tracking 1st party from your store and send it to Visitor Edge
  • Visitor Edge then sends it out to your connected Channels.

If you are in need of support or have trouble integrating Visitor Edge with this app. Please reach out to our team via our Slack channel.

How Visitor Edge Works

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