Time-travel back to pre-iOS days with server side tracking

The average marketer estimates they’ve lost 35% of annual revenue from iOS updates and 7-day tracking limits.

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Lifetime Profiles

In the post-iOS era, you have 7 days to convert visits into sales before cookie deletion wipes that event forever. With VisitorEdge, all of that changes..

VisitorEdge builds lifetime profiles of your visitors. As soon as a visit to your store is tracked, we determine whether that visitor has previously provided their 1st party data.

If so, we connect the anonymous visit to the identified profile to further track the customer journey whilst sending relevant promotional or abandoned cart emails to what was previously an ‘anonymous visit’.

If they haven’t, we pull their 3rd party data and build their lifetime profile. If at any stage, they leave 1st party data, the profile automatically updates for increased accuracy.

Server Side Tracking

This is the only solution to overcome iOS deleting tracking events after 7 days.

Instead of being stored on a 3rd party browser where cookies are deleted after 7 days, we provide Server Side Tracking.

Server Side Tracking means all lifetime profiles and every event attached to that profile is tracked on our own server so it cannot be deleted and we can store that information forever.

So someone could opt into your newsletter 3 years ago, and when they return today, we can link the now anonymous visit to the information they left with 100% accuracy for you to retarget them with confidence.

Multi Touch Customer Journeys

Now we’re tracking events for a lifetime, we can build a more robust and detailed customer journey than ever before.

We can see each visitor's lifetime history, where they came from each time and what impact each event has on their decision to buy.

As well as seeing each individual journey, we can also see the macro metrics for the entire store.

This means you can see which percentage of your revenue is coming from each type of journey, what campaigns are the most impactful on revenue and what campaigns are hurting your chances of making a conversion.

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