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Segments & Filters

With your lifetime profiles, you can now segment these to start building audiences of people who match your ideal client and filter out anyone that doesn’t fit.

There are thousands of parameters to choose from meaning you can create infinite segments based on what products you sell and what type of person you want to target.

Find out info like:

  • How much money someone makes
  • Number of children
  • Homeowner status

Audience Expansion

Take a standard list and expand your understanding of who these people are and how to market to them

If you upload your email list, we will match those records to our database and give you thousands of data points on your list such as their credit score, buying habits and interests.

Now you can segment your email marketing campaigns based on specific interests or demographics to send a more customized message to each prospect to increase the number of people who take action on each email


Our dynamic dashboard gives you unprecedented, birds eye view insights into your marketing campaigns.

You can see the makeup of your store visitors any way you want, including:

  1. Age, location and gender demographics
  2. Financial breakdowns including income and credit score range
  3. Most popular conversion campaigns and sequences
  4. And so much more!

These insights give you the information you need to know about whether you should double down or optimize your campaigns faster than ever before.

Unlock lost revenue and hidden profits with
lifetime-tracking and AI Audiences

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