Data Activation

A platform built by marketers, for marketers

VisitorEdge is built to activate your data for you, leading to a 40% drop in ad costs, 30% more recovered abandoned carts and 30% more add to carts every single month.

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Data Activation

Direct Integrations

Meta and Klaviyo Integrations connect Visitor Edge directly to your ad platform of choice and feed them your AI Audiences to cut ad costs by 40%

Klayvio Integrations connect directly to Klayvio so everytime we recover a previously lost visit, it adds directly into your desired workflow for you so you can recover 20-30% more abandoned carts each month

Shopify Integrations connect directly to your store so you can track events in real time and know exactly when and why people are buying and what's working so you can do more of it

You can also connect to over 5,000 other applications that you’re using to run your business through Zapier.

Workflow Builder

Our workflow builder lets you customize every offer you make to the people that visit your site

Whether you’re wanting to double down your efforts on best selling items or sell more of the higher profit items you can’t sell as frequently, the choice is yours

By segmenting your visitors based on their demographics and interest in specific products, you can more specifically target their pain points in your retargeting campaigns to boost conversions. 

This personalized approach can generate 20-30% more add to carts every single month

Clean and Safe Activation

Any data we deploy is 100% safe to use and fully compliant with all privacy law requirements.

Our B2C data is 100% verified, with every record linked to a household in the United States.

Our integrations with Meta are 100% compliant and safe thanks to our synthetic pixel technology and Klaviyo takes responsibility for managing email opt outs.

We recommend that you state the use of Visitor Pixel Edge on your privacy policy page, right next to where you state the use of the Facebook Pixel, Google analytics and similar products.

Unlock lost revenue and hidden profits with
lifetime-tracking and AI Audiences

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