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Empower your marketing team to run highly granular retargeting and lookalike campaigns on Facebook

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aka Facebook, a social media platform.

Leveraging Visitor Edge, especially its AI Audiences feature, to integrate with your advertising platforms elevates your ability to deliver ads that are not only highly targeted but also deeply resonant with your desired customer base. This seamless integration ensures you're working with the most accurate and current data, enabling the crafting of marketing campaigns that not only capture attention but also drive meaningful engagement and conversions. AI Audiences, our proprietary version of lookalike audiences, amplifies this capability, ensuring your campaigns reach those with the highest propensity to engage, based on data-driven insights.

Setting it up with Visitor Edge:

  • Sign up for a Visitor Edge account
  • Create your Edge Tag
  • Make sure you have a Meta Business Manager account
  • In the Edge Tag setup, connect your Meta Pixel & account
  • Done! Now Visitor Edge will be automatically sent to your Meta account

If you are in need of support or have trouble integrating Visitor Edge with this app. Please reach out to our team via our Slack channel.

How Visitor Edge Works

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