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Power e-commerce focused email marketing with your warehouse data in Klaviyo

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Marketing Automation for Email & SMS

This integration harnesses the power of Visitor Edge to transform your email marketing campaigns into targeted and impactful communications. By utilizing the rich, real-time data from Visitor Edge, your campaigns can now be perfectly timed and tailored to each customer's preferences and behavior.

This approach not only ensures your messages resonate more effectively but also positions your brand to dynamically drive engagement, increase conversion rates, and solidify customer loyalty with data-driven precision. Elevate your email marketing by making informed decisions based on the comprehensive insights Visitor Edge provides.

Setting it up with Visitor Edge:

  • Sign up for a Visitor Edge account
  • Create your Edge Tag
  • Make sure you have a Klaviyo account
  • In the Edge Tag setup, connect your Klaviyo account
  • Done! Now Visitor Edge will be automatically sent to your Klaviyo account

If you are in need of support or have trouble integrating Visitor Edge with this app. Please reach out to our team via our Slack channel.

How Visitor Edge Works

Visitor Edge starts working immediately, start seeing results within 24 hours!

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