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Embrace the cutting-edge of visitor tracking with Visitor Edge's advanced technology!


  1. The average marketer estimates they’ve lost 35% of annual revenue from iOS updates and 7-day tracking limits. 

  2. For the first time, you can recover that 35% with our pixel-less, lifetime tracking.

  3. Our one-of-a-kind technology means that every visit to your site comes with crucial information you can leverage to supercharge your marketing.

  4. By combining 1st and 3rd party data, you can now see customer journeys with unprecedented accuracy to give you a clear edge over the competition.

Data Labs

  1. So you’ve got more data with better accuracy than ever before.. Now what?

  2. It’s time to enter the playground of Data Labs!

  3. Segment your data based on qualification parameters or use our expansion tool to create limitless AI Audiences

  4. So you can personalize offers to each customer based on who they are and what they’re shopping for

Data Activation

  1. We’re marketers who built this for marketers, so we’re not just handing you data, we’re putting it to use for you to cut costs and increase revenue

  2. Our platform is built to ‘Set and Forget’, so it optimizes everything for you on autopilot

  3. Feed AI Audiences from your Data Labs into Meta to update audiences every day and cut 30-40% of your ad costs by hyper-targeting your ideal customer

  4. Send accurate, lifetime customer journeys into Klaviyo every day to send an extra 20-30% abandoned cart emails every single month

Getting Started is Simple

One-Time Setup for Visitor Edge
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Visitor Edge starts working immediately and updates every second, meaning your metrics will be improving inside 24 hours.

Visitor Edge - Setup

Quick and Easy Installation

You install Visitor Edge on your site and we immediately start lifetime tracking your visitors
Visitor Edge - Hyper Audiences

Build Perfect Audiences in Minutes

Identify your perfect client, we’ll segment these so you can use them in your AI Audiences
Visitor Edge - Track your visitors

Track Visits Forever

We’ll turn your anonymous abandoned carts into paying customers using server side tracking
Visitor Edge - Personalized ads

Make Personalized Offers

Track what people are looking for on your site and make personalized offers specific to their needs
Visitor Edge - Lower your ROAS


Watch your ads scale more effortlessly than ever before
Visitor Edge - Audiences

Rinse & Repeat

Our technology updates every second, so it gets smarter and smarter every single day

Still have questions?

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your inquiry, get in touch via the Contact Us page or we’re happy to answer them on a demo!

Is Visitor Edge compliant with data privacy laws, GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act?

Visitor Edge is fully compliant with all GDPR and privacy law requirements. We do recommend that you state the use of Visitor Edge on your privacy policy page, right next to where you state the use of the Meta Pixel, Google Analytics and similar products. Lastly, the CAN-SPAM act and data privacy laws forbid you from robo calling or sending SMS messages to recently identified people without first getting consent.

What distinguishes Visitor Edge from the numerous attribution tools available in the market?

Visitor Edge works in harmony with your existing attribution solutions and addresses signal loss issues, ensuring seamless data communication between your website and Facebook. This, in turn, boosts the effectiveness and reliability of your ads. While attribution tools are unable to rectify signal loss, they can measure the benefits brought about by Visitor Edge enhancements in your ad campaigns.

Who is Visitor Edge ideal for?

Visitor Edge has been specifically designed to address Facebook signal loss issues for brands with a minimum monthly ad expenditure of $25,000. To ensure the optimal functionality of Visitor Edge, a certain threshold of website signals must be transmitted, which many brands spending less than $25,000 per month may not meet.

I'm using the Shopify-CAPI connection. Would Visitor Edge offer any additional advantages?

Facebook's rules require that any information linked to users who choose to opt out must be deleted. This applies to data sent from any Meta app, the Facebook website pixel, or the Shopify-CAPI connection managed by Facebook. According to Facebook's calculations, around 60% of this data is removed. On the other hand, when you use Visitor Edge, you can send data that complies with your own terms of service instead of Facebook's. That's why the data sent through Visitor Edge is not removed or deleted.

What signs indicate a signal loss issue?

Facebook has to use data modeling to make up for missing information when a significant portion of your website signals goes missing. This can result in inconsistent attribution and substantial fluctuations in performance. If the purchases attributed to your Facebook Ads Manager are off by more than 30%, it's a sign that you might be facing a signal loss problem. Additionally, if your ad performance varies by more than 50% in a week, it suggests a severe signal loss issue.

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